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flophouse jr


In addition to the Flophouse jr project I have also been producing music since the release of the Woodland album in 2000. I have made over 30 records in that time ranging in styles from Americana roots to improv electronica to straight up rock'n'roll. Most of these recordings have been made in my modest home studio or on location in houses and makeshift studios. In many of these projects i have contributed a great deal of  instrumentation and vocals to the recordings and been allowed a degree of freedom to put the basic Flophouse jr production style to use. As well as recording services, I also offer affordable mastering and can provide instrumentation to your tracks through the internet. I specialize in guitar and lap steel but also have a wide variety of instruments and electronics to draw upon if you are requiring something a little more creative. Below is a sampling of some more recent projects I have been involved with in both production and performance.


•Music Production and Recording


•Instrumentation for Projects

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