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flophouse jr



//  Origin:  Vancouver BC
//  Genres:  Folk Pop Electronica
//  Years Active:  2000- Present
//  Label:  JFD Records
Flophouse jr, formed in 2000, is a vehicle for Jon Wood's songwriting and recording explorations. What began as a paired down Americana project with their first release, Woodland, has transformed itself into a more elaborate study of crossing traditional sounds and songwriting with electronica, field recordings, sequencing and sampling. The latest release, Numbers and Snakes (2019), showcases this stylistic shift while still keeping their DIY "bedroom recording" musical philosophy alive and well. It follows in the footsteps and but also expands on the aural explorations of the previous album, Welcome Mat (2015). Flophouse jr continues to mine unexpected sonic possibilities and pair them with rich vocal harmonies inside pop song formats.


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